Kindergarten Skills

English/Language Arts (Harcourt Journeys)

Foundational Reading Skills

Recognizes all upper and lowercase letters

Gives the sound that each letter makes at the beginning of words

Provides a word that begins with each letter.

Blends CVC words (eg… cat, pig, map)

Segments CVC words into individual sounds.

Identifies simple rhyming words.

Recognizes the Kindergarten Sight words.

Recognizes basic color words and number words to 10

Pronounces words using short or long vowel sounds

Uses plurals correctly when speaking (i.e. dog/dogs)


Writing/Oral Language

Expresses an idea first through drawing, labeling and then through writing

Writes first and last name

Writes the letters of the alphabet using Zaner Bloser Manuscript

Knows that reading and writing uses a top to bottom and left to right progression on a page

Writes a simple sentence using a capital letter at the beginning and correct ending punctuation

Recognizes the parts of a book, and characters and setting in a story

Sequences the events of a familiar story

Categorizes pictures as person, animal, place or thing

Indentifies a familiar story as either fiction or nonfiction

Communicates in a group using complete sentences that are on topic with the discussion


Math (Harcourt Go Math!)

Sorts by color, size, shape

Patterning (copies, extends, creates)

Recognizes numbers 1-20

Recognizes ordinal numbers to 10

Counts aloud to 100 by 1's and 10's

Matches correct numbers of objects to each number

Identifying shapes including square, circle, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, , hexagon

Identifies solid shapes (cylinder, cone, sphere, prism)

Addition and subtraction (sums to 10) using manipulatives

Recognizes the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening)

Understands longer/shorter as a measurement of length and time.

Recites the days of the week

Creates movements using positional words (over, above, below, between, beside, under, next to)


 Science/Social Studies/Health

We use a Wakulla County District created Social Studies curriculum

We use National Geographic Science curriculum.

We use Harcourt-Brace Health curriculum

Science vocabulary words include sun, moon, star, heat, force, habitat

· Science themes during the year include the Practice of Science, Five Senses, Observing Objects, How Things Move, Water Everywhere, Basic Land Forms, Plants and Animals, Florida Environments, Space

· Social Studies themes include America’s Symbols, Leaders at Home, School and in our Country, My Family, Long Ago, Wants and Needs, Holiday Traditions, Diversity, Transportation, Community Helpers, Map Skills

· Health Themes include My Body Inside and Out, Healthy Food Choices, Good Medicines/Bad Medicines, Keeping our Bodies Clean, Keeping Our Bodies Healthy, Fire Safety,  What to do in an Emergency



These skills are based upon Florida's State Standards for Learning.