Attendance – Regular school attendance is essential for your child to make the most of his/her education.  Please make every effort to have your child at school on time, every day.

 Absences – If your child is absent, you must call the school.  School guidelines require that you notify us on the very same day that your child is absent or send a note to the school when he/she returns. Include your child’s name, my name, date(s) of absence and the reason. 

 Allergies – If your child has allergies please note it on all forms where indicated.  Substitutions for specific food allergies (e.g. milk, peanuts, citrus) will be made by the cafeteria, but only after submission of a doctor’s note.  It is VERY important that we are aware of specific allergies so that we can also make accommodations in the classroom during times of special snacks, cooking activities and classroom parties.

Alphabet Knowledge – We will learn the upper and lower letters of the alphabet and the sounds that the letters make as we begin our journey toward reading. We will assess your child’s alphabet and sound knowledge regularly during the school year.

 Assessment – We use several instruments to assess our students’ progress in Kindergarten throughout the year.  These include the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screening (FLKRS), Discovery Education Assessments (DEA) which are given three times during the year, unit tests and individual work assessments.

Awards – We do not participate in the awards program held each nine weeks grading period.  Your child will have the opportunity to earn awards in 1st-5th grades.


Backpacks – Your child’s backpack should be big enough to hold a 1” binder, class work, library book and a daily snack.  Do not send a backpack that is on rollers or is too big for your child to carry.

Behavior Management – Our behavior management system in Kindergarten consists of simple classroom rules and procedures, appropriate consequences and a reward system.  (See the Behavior Management in this packet).

Birthdays – We love to join in celebrating your child’s special day!  If you would like to bring treats for the class on your child’s birthday, we will be happy to serve them at snack time.  Please contact us in advance to let us know of your plans.

Breakfast – Is a very important meal!  If you would like for your child to eat breakfast at school, it is served prior to school each morning from 8:30 –8:55 in the cafeteria and it is free for our students.

 Bus – Students are supervised as they travel down the hall to the bus loading area each day.  If there are changes to your child’s bus transportation, please contact the school immediately and prior to 2:30.


Calendar – A monthly school newsletter with calendar will be sent home to let you know all of the activities that will take place at our school.  The Wakulla County School System’s calendar is included in this packet.

Clothing – Dress your child in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather and follows the dress code as stated in our school’s Parent Handbook.  Label all coats and jackets.  

Conferences – We will give you the opportunity to schedule conferences throughout the school year.  Conferences are highly suggested as a positive way to discuss your child’s progress and educational needs.  If you feel at any time that you would like to schedule a conference, please contact your child’s teacher at the school to make arrangements.

Computers – We have computers in our classroom designated for student use.  Your child will be taught basic computer skills as well as how to use kindergarten appropriate websites on the internet.  Your child will work at the computer during center time each week.

 Communication – Frequent and positive communication between school and home is integral for your  child’s success in school.  We provide several ways to communicate during the school year:

·        P.A.W.S. Books (see explanation under the letter “P”)

·        School and classroom websites (see explanation under the letter “W”)

·        Call us at the school at 926-3641.  If you leave a message, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.  Remember, our main priority during the day is the safety and instruction of your child; therefore phone calls are kept to a minimum.

·        Email us:  Email addresses are on Crawfordville Elementary website.


Dropping Off/Picking Up Students – If your child does not ride the bus and gets here before 8:55 a.m., he/she is to go to the cafeteria.  If you pick up your child at the end of the day, please wait out in front of the school.  Kindergarten students will be released at 3:10 p.m. and escorted to the front of the school.  Make sure that you have your Dash Pass in the passenger side of the front windshield. 

 Dash Pass – If you intend on picking up your child from school on a regular/daily basis, you will need to obtain a dash pass from the front office to display in your vehicle.  You can obtain more than one dash pass for your family and they can be used until the end of the school year.  


Early Release - There are some days in the school year when students will be dismissed early.  On these days dismissal time is 1:15 p.m.  (See attached school calendar for these days).

 Emergency Contact Information – At the beginning of the school year you will be asked to complete forms that indicate which family members should be contacted if we cannot reach you.  If any of the information you provide on the forms changes, update us and the school office as soon as possible.

 Emergency Drills – Your child will participate in emergency drills throughout the school year.  We will practice the procedures with your child so that he/she will feel prepared in case of a real emergency.

Extra Clothing – Your child will need to keep extra clothing and underwear on hand during the year in case they need it.  Send items in a clear Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name.  Remember to send in appropriate clothing as the seasons change during the school year 


Field Trips – Field Trips provide wonderful opportunities to explore the world outside our school campus and apply concepts that we have learned in the classroom.  If a field trip is planned during the school year you will receive advanced notice and a permission slip will be required for your child to attend.


Grading Scale – (subject to change)

100-90        Excellent (E)

89-70          Satisfactory (S)

69- 60         Needs Improvement (N)

59 –below     Unsatisfactory (U)



Handwriting – We use Handwriting without Tears.  A letter formation card as well as a laminated sentence strip of your child’s name will be included in your child’s P.A.W.S. Book.  Please use them to practice with your child at home.

 Homework – Homework provides a great opportunity for you to reinforce the skills that we are working on in the classroom. We will assign simple, developmentally appropriate homework on a weekly basis.  We will send a homework packet home on Friday and ask that it be returned on Friday of the following week.



Illness – Do not send your child to school if he/she has a temperature, is vomiting, has diarrhea, ringworm or conjunctivitis (pink eye).  If your child becomes ill at school you will be called to come and get them.  Mrs. Rollins is our School Health Aide and will help to take care of your child until you can get here.


Labeling Items – Label all of your child’s personal belongings including backpack, lunch box, coat, jacket and extra clothes.

Lunch –Your child’s class will attend lunch each day in the cafeteria.  Lunch is free for our students, however they can purchase ala carte items (items may vary from cheese sticks, yogurt, cookies, bottled water, ect.)  If you send your child’s lunch, please make sure that he/she knows to inform us that they have a lunch box to take to the cafeteria.  Do not send candy or junk food items for lunch.

 Learning Centers – We use learning centers in the classroom for active play, socialization and exploration. Individual centers include:  Reading, Writing, Art, Blocks, Manipulatives, Alphabet Center, Math Center, Puzzles, Dramatic Play, Discovery Center, Listening Center and Computers.  The items found in these centers will change during the school year to support new concepts that we are learning and to keep the centers interesting to the children. 


Medication – If your child needs to take a particular medication during the school day (including nebulizers, epi-pens), you must deliver the medication to the front office and complete a required form.  Do not send medicines to school with your child on the bus.

Money – A clear pouch is provided in your child’s P.A.W.S. Book.  Use it to send in picture money, yearbook money, field trip money, etc…  Label all monies so that we will know what they are to be used for.


Newsletter – You will receive a weekly classroom newsletter.  It will include important dates to remember, homework assignments, and learning highlights from our classrooms.

 Number Knowledge – Your child will learn to recognize and write numbers 1-20 readily this year and become familiar with numbers up to 100.  We will assess your child’s number knowledge regularly during the school year.  Number knowledge includes both recognizing the number and associating it with a set of objects.


Parent Night – You are encouraged to attend special Kindergarten Nights to be held during the first nine-week grading period and during the second semester of the school year.  Specific information on these events will be sent to you in advance.

 P.A.W.S. Book – Your child will be provided with a binder that will be used to communicate the following: 

information from the school 

graded work


an area for you to send notes to us

progress reports/ report cards

a pocket for lunch money, etc…. 

monthly behavior chart


The binder will go home with your child each day and will need to be reviewed and returned to class with your child the next morning.  It is very important that the binder be returned each day so that we can effectively communicate with you.

 Pictures – School Portraits of your child will be taken during the school year.  Information on the exact day(s) they will be taken as well as the cost will be sent home to you in advance.

 Parties – We will have various classroom parties throughout the year.  We will communicate with you in advance to request your help in making these special events happen.  If you do not wish for your child to participate in the parties, please let us know.

PTA – We have a very active Parent Teacher Association here at Crawfordville Elementary and you are encouraged to take part in it!  Notifications of meetings and events of this organization will be sent home to you.


Recess – Your child will have outside recess every morning and afternoon, weather permitting. 

 Report Cards – We operate on a nine-week grading period.  You will receive a progress report in the mid-point of each grading period and report card at the end of each grading period.  You will need to sign as designated and return them in your child’s PAWS book.

 Rules – A very important part of Kindergarten is learning how to behave appropriately in a school setting.  Our behavior management system involves rules from Whole Brain Teaching.  (See Behavior Management attachment).

Read – Please take time to read to your child each day, as well as letting your child see you read.  The best indicator of a child’s early success in reading is to have lots of positive exposure both at school and at home.

 Restroom – We have restrooms in our classrooms and your child is allowed to go when needed.  Sometimes with young children accidents do happen!  Please make sure that we always have a change of clean clothes and we will make sure that your child is changed if needed.

 Relax and Read-Aloud Time – We will have a short relax and read-aloud time in the afternoon.  This will be a time to listen to stories read-aloud and relax our bodies.


Safety – Your child’s safety is our top priority to us here at Crawfordville Elementary.  We will take every precaution when your child is in our care.  Please make sure that the school is notified if he/she has a change in transportation or is to be picked up by someone other than you or a designated adult.

Signing Out Students – If you pick up your child during the school day, you must sign them out in the front office.  Regular after school pick-ups do not need to sign their child out each day.

Snacks – We will have a short snack time at the end of each day.  Your child will need a small, healthy snack and water or juice.  Please DO NOT send candy or foods that we will need to prepare (i.e. popcorn, cereal, etc….).  If you send a pudding or yogurt, please provide a spoon (preferably disposable).  We also ask that you not send anything in a glass container.  We like to keep extra snacks on hand just in case.  If you would like to send snacks for the entire class, we greatly appreciate it.  Contact us and we will be happy to give you some examples.

Supplies – The Kindergarten school supply list is attached.  You can also find it on our school’s website and it is available in the front office.  Sometimes we run out of items and we may ask you to replace those during the school year.

School hours – Our regular school hours are 8:55 a.m. – 3:25 p.m. unless otherwise indicated on Early Release days.

 Schedule – Our classroom schedule is attached for your information.

 Shoes – It is very important that your child wears comfortable shoes closed-toed shoes with backs on them for comfort and safety. 

Sight Words – There are basic sight words that your child will need to know before promotion from Kindergarten.  A listing is included in your child’s P.A.W.S. book for easy reference and practice. 

Special Areas – Our class will attend P.E. with Coach Camp, Music with Mr. Cooper, Art with Ms. Brooks and the Media Center with Mrs. Burse on a rotating schedule during the school year.  We will do our best to inform you of changes to this schedule as they happen.


Tardies – Students late to school (after 8:55 a.m.) are to check in at the office before proceeding to the classroom.  Please remember that learning begins as soon as the morning bell rings!  When your child is repeatedly late, they miss out on our regular morning learning activities as well as important socialization skills.

 Team Teaching – We will use a team teaching approach to teach your child this year. Your child will be assigned a specific classroom and teacher, but he/she will visit the other Kindergarten classrooms for Reading instruction and cooperative learning activities throughout the year. 

 Transportation – If your child will be going home a different way than what is indicated in his/her file, you must call the school or inform us in a note.  Phone calls should be made prior to 2:30 p.m. For your child’s safety, we will not let your child leave school with another adult or on a different bus unless you have notified the school.

 Toys – Please do not allow your child to bring toys or electronic devices from home.  They may become lost or stolen.  We will occasionally request that your child bring in a small share item for special activities.


Volunteers – We love volunteers at Crawfordville Elementary and have an active volunteer program.  If you are interested, please let us know or contact the front office for more information.


Websites –Here are important websites that we encourage you to visit: 


 Crawfordville Elementary   http://ces.wcsb.us/


Wakulla County Schools  http://www.wakullaschooldistrict.org


Florida Department of Education http://www.fldoe.org


In addition, you will be provided with a user id and password to gain access to our grading system, FOCUS.

 Wish Lists - In addition to basic student supplies, we maintain “wish lists” of special items that we would love to add to our classroom during the year.  Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated!




Yearbook – You will have an opportunity to purchase a yearbook in the Spring.  It is a great keepsake for your child.


Zzzz’s – Your child should get plenty of rest each night.  It is so important that your child be alert and ready to learn each day!