One spelling assignment from the spelling choice board is due each Friday. Students are also responsible for correcting assignments graded <70%, completing incomplete or missed work, and reading for 15 minutes each night. 


ABC Order

Alphabetize your words.


Challenge: add more words to your list in the correct order.

Multiple Write

Write each word 3 times each.

Flashcard Set

Make a set of flashcards to study from.


Challenge: write the meaning or draw a picture to help you remember the meaning.

Practice Test

Take a practice spelling test with a parent and have them grade it (parent signature required).

Magazine Spelling

Cut out letters from newspapers or magazines. Glue letters on paper to spell your words.


Challenge: find magazine pictures to match the words.


Write each of your words two times on two separate flashcards. Play memory with a parent, sibling or friend. Bring them to class to practice.

Hidden Picture

Draw a picture and “hide” your words in the picture. I need to be able to read the words.


Challenge: write a story about your picture.

Write a Story

Write a short story using 8 of your words. Underline each word within the story.

Quality Sentences

Write each word in a quality sentence.

Blue/Red Words

Write your words using a blue pencil for consonants and a red pencil for vowels.

Example: play

Type Your Words

Type your words on the computer.


Challenge: Type sentences with your words or add fancy clipart.

Word Art:

Use various objects to write your words.

For example: pasta, yarn, cereal, rice, beans, paper scraps, etc.

Please write your name and date at the top of your assignment page.  Always have this choice board in your binder to reference.  DO NOT REMOVE IT!